Encontré una entrevista muy buena a los franceses que le hicieron los videos a Justice (D.A.N.C.E.) y a Kanye west.

Y el de Kanye

So Me, es el responsable del laburo tipográfico en los trabajos de J&F. Art director del sello ed banger, quienes le dieron el primer laburo a la dupla.Fragmento de una entrevista a J&F en Blagmazine
Your work is very typographical, can you describe the creative process? What techniques do you use?We also do drawing like SoMe does for Justice or Kayne West. For these 2 videos, SoMe did his own artwork and we let him compose his own typos and drawings. Next time, we’ll use and animate our own designs.When we worked with SoMe, we listened to the gig all together and decide what kind of visual would work well with the sound and lyrics. We also try to have some parts with completely different graphic effects. We, then make the cuts and mime the scenes at the same time to see how it would work. After the shooting, we always have new ideas, lots of unexpected suprises, especially with an artist like Kayne West who’s got his own way of moving.We could think about new things while SoMe would draw new stuff, and then animate them to include them onto the video.

A real well organised machine actually. But it doesn’t exclude bad stuff that we had to reconsider!

Do you work solely on computer or do you work by hand?

We use computers a lot but we also are very keen on “old” technique, by hand. We sometimes make models, drawings, scans, film real things…The animations are made image by image, like a cartoon. Each image is done to take out the synthetic aspect of computers.

Y una lista rapida de sus gustos e influencias, lo saqué de una entrevista en Videology

It is impossible to deny the visual pirouettes by Mike Mills, Spike Jone, Michel Gondry as also directors such as Jan Svankmajer ou Zbigniew Rybczynski who are not always mentioned but are an evidence.

| Directors (film) |Paul Thomas Anderson, Tati, David Fincher, Gus van Sant, Sofia Coppola.

| Contemporary artists |Erwin Wurm, Philippe Ramette, Bruno Peinado, Bazooka, Wim Delvoye.

| Music |Zoot Woman, Beck, Kraftwerk, Air, Medeski Martin and Wood, Basement Jaxx, The Strokes, The Fiery Furnaces.


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